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728_sign.jpg This started out as just a collection of some photos of guys and places taken during our tenure with Charlie Company during 1970 - 1971. Many of them are not too clear considering they are scanned from slides processed locally 40+ years ago and the dyes are definitely fading along with memories of names with faces.

Back in those days, the battalion was comprised of three line companies: A Company at ASCOM (Bupyeong), B Company at Camp Humphries in Pyeongtaek (Anjong-ni), and C Company at Camp Tracy in Yongsan (Seoul). The Battalion Headquarters was on main post at Yongsan Garrison. There had earlier been a D Company as well, however, it was deactivated sometime during the 1960's.

Mike Worczak gets credit for kicking this idea off when he emailed me some of his photos. Mike and I were in the same barracks for awhile at C Company and knew a lot of the same guys. When sending pics back and forth became too cumbersome, the idea of making a web site to share them came to mind.

Since this site started in 2004, several others have sent their photos to be posted so the site was expanded to cover the whole battalion and the time frame expanded as well. The site menu (left) is structured by Company. Click on the company and another menu will open with the links to that company's photo pages.

The photos are on several pages, about a dozen to the page. Click on the small photo to view the enlargement. The photos enlarge in a pop-up window, so if you have your browser set to prevent pop-ups these might not work. In that case, right-click on the photo and have it open either in a new tab or a new window. There are also links on the left to other web sites with information about the unit and the Military Police.

The search function (left) searches the photo captions on this site. It does NOT include the names listed in the various company yearbooks. If you're looking for a name in the yearbooks, you will have to browse the yearbook pages individually.

If you recognize yourself, or were in the 728th in Korea, we would enjoy hearing from you. Just click on the email link. We are always looking for photos to share.


Click on any of the photos on this site to enlarge them. Enjoy.

Jeff Thomas and Mike Worczak (1949 - 2017)
Mike and Jeff
2009 - 38 years later

crossed pistols

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